Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Look at what PEMF can do for Horses... imagine what it could do for you!

Dr. Garry Gordon is a pioneer in PEMF, and tells the story of how he was told his horse should be put down. He refused, and tried PEMF on her, and she came back strong. There is another remarkable story of how a horse named "Lava Man" was treated with PEMF (see the video below).

From this page: http://care.whnlive.com/mpet/lava-man/

INGLEWOOD, Calif. – Lava Man has already secured a place in racing history. Not many $50,000 claimers go on to win multiple Grade 1 stakes and over $ 5.5 million dollars in winnings. Lava Man was purchased in a Claimer Race for $50,000. Lava Man was then treated with the PEMF-100AT, because of an abscess in his left front foot, which then healed in 4 days with the use of this device. Lava Man came back from his foot injury in 2006 and blossomed into a superstar. Lava Man has won 7 Grade 1 races ranking him as the all-time leader among California-breds. Lava Man is the all-time leading earner among claimers and is arguably the greatest claim in racing history

If Lava Man's guardians are entrusting their $5 million horse to PEMF... you know there's got to be something to it!

In this video (below) you can see what a strong horse Lava Man is!

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