Friday, August 22, 2014

PEMF for the Blue Collar Workers! Cops, Firefighters, Laborers, Construction Workers, Carpenters, and all you Heavy Lifters!!!

Let's hear it for the Blue Collar Workers!

My hat is off to all the people out there who lift heavy things for a living.  This time last year, I was actually working as a carpenter, and my body hurt ALL OVER when I'd get home. I also know how many harsh chemicals they breathe... so I wanted to let people in the construction industry, and all blue collar jobs -  know about PEMF!

If you are ever interested in purchasing a machine, I can tell you about different varieties that are available, and even get you a really good discount on a machine. PEMF can greatly help with back pain and all kinds of body pain (just check out some of the videos posted on this site, like this one about arthritis, and this one which shows many different, inspirational stories about PEMF.

This is Dr. Oz's video, showing how much PEMF helped a police officer who struggled with debilitating back pain. After PEMF treatment, even Dr. Oz was surprised to hear he had NO back pain. You can see his story at about the 4:55 mark.


You can see a testimonial from this guy at the 8:08 mark... he's in the construction business.


This man has COPD and breathing issues and PEMF really helped him breathe better. I am posting this because I've actually worked in the carpentry field for a short time, and I know how many chemicals you are exposed to and how it can cause serious lung problems!


This guy was a roofer and, although he bought the PEMF machine for his wife, he was amazed to see how well it worked to relieve his own pain!

If you are interested in trying PEMF or purchasing a PEMF mat, call me any time at 650-735-1599. If I am on another call, just leave me a message and I will call you back.

Thanks to all you blue collar workers for all the work you do!!!


Thursday, August 21, 2014

Rheumatoid Arthritis and PEMF... if you take Humira, you may want to read this!

I made this post on my lunch break for a very sweet woman whom I just met, who has Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA).

You can read a publication on PEMF from PUBMED / NCBI, regarding PEMF and Rheumatoid Arthritis, by clicking here:

You can see a great testimonial from a woman named Holly, at about 1:22 in the video below.  The testimonial right after hers (at about the 3:25 mark) is a woman who talks about how there was a study done with NIH on Rheumatoid Arthritis (and also Fibromyalgia) that shows that PEMF helped women with Rheumatoid Arthritis. They showed a reduction in pain and fatigue.

The woman at the 2:30 point in this video below did not have Rheumatoid arthritis but she had Fibromyalgia and was raving about the iMRS mat (please note that I can get you a discount on this model, if you are interested... just contact me through my blog).

 It's true I can't understand what this man is saying but I am thinking, given the title of the video, that he said PEMF helped his rheumatoid arthritis.

This video below is about someone who had osteoarthritis but I am thinking PEMF therapy would help someone with RA for the same reason: it oxygenates the blood and improves circulation.

Also, I wanted to let people know that there is a company called Visalus because it has helped many people with Rheumatoid arthritis. You can see some testimonials here. If you have any more questions about Visalus, you can call me any time at 650-735-1599.

This testimonial is not for Rheumatoid Arthritis, but it is for Arthritis. Visalus can help people with both!

I would HIGHLY recommend that anyone with Rheumatoid Arthritis get some Turmeric by Eden Pond. It has over 2,000 reviews with a 5 star average! You can find it on HERE. If you go to, you can see what other people have said about this particular brand, in the reviews... they rave about it. For anyone who doesn't know this, you can search through the reviews for keywords, so I searched through the reviews for people who used it for rheumatoid arthritis and there are a LOT of people who say it helped them or a loved one with this condition. You can read those reviews (where people wrote about how it helped with RA) by CLICKING HERE.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

PEMF Machines made by BEMER

It sounds like this is a really powerful machine and there are some great videos for it on YouTube, especially those uploaded by Lady Bemer! Thank you to Lady Bemer and all the people who have uploaded these informative videos. Lady Bemer has a practice in Petaluma, CA if you live in CA and would like to make an appointment with her.