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Amazing! How and Why Kangen / Structured Water can be so good for you (and your pets!)

I know this post is not about PEMF but I had to write about this, for anyone who has never heard of Kangen water, which originated in Japan. On Christmas day, I was glued to the couch most of the day, watching new PEMF videos and also looking up cures for cancer (I have a family member who just went through Chemotherapy). Suddenly I stumbled upon this video below. I consider this to have been the BEST Christmas present EVER ... I can't wait to tell people about this!!!

(Update: I have become a distributor for Kangen Water and Bemer, since creating this post a few years ago. You can learn more about Kangen water at my website:,, and If you have any questions you can call me direct at 650-735-1599.)

The testimonials I've seen are incredible and I think it's a shame most Americans have never heard of this (but sadly it doesn't surprise me... no doctor is likely to ever tell you "drink Kangen water"!). I am just now learning how much over-acidity tends to cause disease, and an alkaline body tends to be healthy and disease free (please see the Dr. Oz video on this page).

The great thing about Kangen water is, it helps balance the pH in your body and dramatically increase your alkalinity, while super-oxygenating your cells and your blood (one glass of kangen water has 6-8 times more antioxidants than green tea). When I look at photos and videos of peoples' blood before and after PEMF, the results are amazing, and I just discovered you can achieve the same kinds of results with Kangen water! You can see this in the video below. The first video shows blood before and after a woman drinks Kangen water. The second video shows blood before and after PEMF. The results are strikingly similar. It's no wonder Tony Robbins uses both PEMF and a Kangen machine!

Dr Otto Warburg discovered in 1931 and won the Nobel Prize for the fact that he proved that no disease including cancer can survive in an alkaline environment. The body's pH should be between 7.2 and 7.4, but unfortunately most Americans' bodies are overly acidic, largely because of all the processed junk food we eat (see the third video below with Dr. Oz) and the toxins and electrosmog we are exposed to. When it comes to longevity, Americans rank number THIRTY FIVE in the world! While Japan (developers of Kangen technology) is ranked at number 1.

If you are interested in buying a Kangen machine, or if you are in the bay area and want to try the water for free, you can call me at 650-735-1599.

In this video below, you can see how a cat that tried the water was able to start walking more normally after drinking water from Tlacote, Mexico. The reason this water is so unique is because it's rich in antioxidants and also it's highly alkaline... and Kangen water has both of these properties!

 Some spas even serve Kangen water as a health and beauty treatment!

If you look online, you will see an incredible number of testimonials by people who have used Kangen water, and say it has turned their lives around. I am posting some of the video testimonials below. I can't help thinking it's got to be more than coincidence that these machines are owned by 4 celebrities who have the most amazing complexions in Hollywood: Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Demi Moore, and Angelina Jolie (I literally stare at their skin when I see them on screen, thinking, WHAT are they DOING??). Makes me want to get a Kangen machine too! : D

Kangen Water machines are also owned by Donald Trump, Tony Robbins, Bill Gates (owns over a dozen machines), Madonna, Oprah, Martha Stewart, Tiger Woods, Maria Sharapova, Lou Ferrigno, Suzanne Somers, The Obamas, Brad Pitt, Janet Jackson, Jay Z, Magic Johnson (owns 8 machines), Sylvester Stallone, John Mayer, Angela Bassett, Jack Nicholson, Steven Seagal, Neil Patrick Harris, Antonio Banderas, George Lopez, Sammy Hager, Roger Daltrey and Pete Townsend, Carlos Santana, Ashton Kutcher, Steven Tyler (owns 4 machines), Ron Perlman, Ryan Seacrest, Leonardo DiCaprio, Pat Boone, Dr. Corinne Allen (brain specialist), Dr. Hiromi Shinya, Dr. Horst Filtzer, Cynthia Briganti, Jimmy Carter, Michael Robinson, Chuck Norris, Erin Brokovich, Chris Daughtry, Rohan Marley, Elton John, Jillian Michaels, UFC FIGHTER Joe "Daddy"Stevenson, Chris Angel, John Geraghty (tennis player), Cindie Blackman, Bodybuilders Dan Hill & Wade Lightheart, NY Yankees, LA Lakers, 109 y/o Bernando La Poll, New ones added by the day....Earth, Wind & Fire, Conan O'Brien, Toby Keith, Phil Michelson, Pro and Olympic Athletes, and many others are now drinking Kangen Water.


Even dogs prefer Kangen water!


This guy Danny gives a great presentation on Kangen water, and you can see how many of the audience members have experienced health benefits!

What makes Kangen water so special

There are many copycat distributors out there that are able to make alkaline water, which is healthier than acidic water, but from what I have heard, the thing that makes Kangen water so EXTRA special (and why they have soo many testimonials) is that it actually restructures and re-organizes the molecules, making it "micro clustered" - which makes it extremely easy for your body to absorb and utilize the water! Kangen uses medical grade platinum (which is $1500.00 an ounce), and they purposely use a transformer instead of SMPS because it's much more stable.  Most companies have switched to SMPS... I'm guessing this must to keep the costs down, because it sure doesn't seem to give the machine better performance. If you talk to 10 electricians and ask them which is more stable and reliable, they will all tell you, a transformer, hands down. Don't believe me? Here's a list. Call and ask for yourself.

Why is stabilization so important? Well, as it was explained to me, the devices that use SMPS technology are not able to ionize the water at a "steady" wattage. Companies brag that they have a machine with a HUGE amount of wattage... but that doesn't matter if it fluctuates. When it fluctuates, it can go as low as 80 watts. And because these other machines aren't getting the full wattage the whole time, the water doesn't get ionized property and it won't be as stable, and therefore it won't hold it's negative charge for nearly as long. 

With other brands that do not have the medical grade titanium, or the transformer and the stabilization, is that the negative ORP (oxidation reduction potential) drops off quickly, while the Kangen water is able to hold the negative ORP for a very long period of time. There is a guy named Delb who is an expert in the water industry and does tons of water testing, and I had the pleasure of listening to a talk he had with a Kangen rep. He was talking about how he did an ORP test on 2 different cups of water, one was Kangen and the other was Jupiter. And he was shocked by how, 3 hours later, the Kangen machine had maintained 90 percent of it's ORP, and the Juipter had LOST 90 percent of it.  So I'm guessing this is a huuge reason why so many people are reporting such amazing health benefits with the Kangen water. 

Imagine the increased healing benefits of having that "anti-oxidation" going on in your body for a whole day. I'm no expert but I'm guessing that if Delb came back to the water after 3 hours and it still had 90 percent of it's ORP, then maybe you retain those antioxidants for a full 24 hours!!!  

If you're planning to get ANY other machine besides a Kangen, ask the rep on the phone if they could do you a favor and test the ORP of their water, at the 1 hour, 3 hour, and 5 hour marks, and see what kind of response you get. Better yet, ask them to film the test, and put it on YouTube. You'll probably hear crickets. 

Once you star researching Kangen water, you will have a TON of ads popping up for other water ionizers that are less expensive, and they will try to make it sound like they are WAY better than a Kangen. Better in price, better in quality.  I know they give a convincing argument because I started to fall for it, and was set to get a Life Ionizer.  But these companies prey on what people don't know about water ionization (and I am just learning about this stuff myself... it took me over a week to find all this info).  Believe me, I am that person who likes to get a good deal. I am that person who will spend 8 hours booking a trip because it will torture me to know I didn't get the best possible deal on a hotel or airfare. I'm that person who will drive 5 miles to use a 2 dollar coupon. But when it comes to your health... it doesn't pay to be cheap!

A Kangen machine costs $1400 to manufacture. But most of the other brands cost around $300. Now... ask yourself, WHY would Kangen knowingly waste $1000 extra dollars making a machine "medical grade" if it wasn't necessary? Japanese people don't look very stupid to me! At some point, wouldn't they realize, hey, we could make WAY more money if we just cut a few corners and used food grade titanium? But they don't, and there's apparently a good reason for it! For anyone who has ever owned a Honda or a Toyota (as I have... for a cumulative total of over 20 years), you will know, Japan does NOT mince on quality. They make things that WORK, that are built to last, because integrity is very important to them, and they feel that making cheap quality stuff would be a DISHONOR.

If you are spending your money on a machine that is half the price of a Kangen, but it doesn't actually deliver results, you might as well throw your money in the trash!

Again, if you have any questions or are interested in buying a Kangen machine, just call me at 650-735-1599.

Have a great day!


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The iMRS PEMF (Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field Therapy) machine - Why People Rave About It - and why Bryant Meyers says it's THE Machine to Use!

Here are some videos and testimonials about the iMRS machine.

Bryant Meyers is a Physicist, Energy medicine expert and the author of PEMF - The 5th Element, and he has tried over $500,000 worth of PEMF machines. He feels strongly that the MRS / iMRS machines are the best PEMF machines you can buy.

Please note that if you are ever interested in purchasing one of these machines, I can get you a discount AND give you a free gift!  Just give me a call at 650-898-PEMF  (650-898-7363).

You can see more video testimonials below, showing you why people rave about the iMRS. David Wolfe (spokesperson for the Nutribullet) is also a huge fan of the iMRS machine. And Dr. John Gray (from the Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus series) is a big fan of this machine. The iMRS machine is also used by Tony Robbins, Muhammad Ali, Jeff Bridges, Ed Begley Jr., Roger Moore, Lance Armstrong, Shaquille O'Neal, Terrell Owens, and All Pro Receivers like Larry Fitzgerald of the Arizona Cardinals and Steve Smith of the Carolina Panthers.

Though it was not mentioned by name, the iMRS machine / mat was shown on the Dr. Oz show (Dr. Oz dedicated an entire show to PEMF and asked all the members of his audience to tell their doctors about it, because few people have ever heard of it). It is also FDA approved, and is one of the machines endorsed by Dr. Pawluk, who is widely considered to be the leading expert in PEMF technology.

Please know that PEMF technology is so effective, NASA and the Russian Space Program depend on it!

There are many other people in the testimonial videos below, like Bryant Meyers, who are distributing the iMRS machines, and you are welcome to contact them directly (some of them have their contact info on the videos). If you live in Northern California and would like to try an iMRS machine and speak to me directly, call me at 650-735-1599. You can also email me through my blog.

Enjoy the videos!


Bryant Meyers has written a great book about PEMF. In the next 4 videos you can hear him talking about PEMF technology and why it is so beneficial.





This woman has been using PEMF for over 8 years and has helped thousands of people with it. She tells a funny story about how PEMF can help people restore their sex drive. I've heard personal testimonials about this myself!


MS (Multiple Sclerosis) Testimonial for the MRS 2000 Machine

iMRS - MRS 2000 Rheumatoid Arthritis Testimonial

Relief from a Gum Infection with the iMRS 2000

Fibromyalgia MRS 2000 Testimonial

Sinus relief with the MRS 2000

This gentleman spent over $100,000 on health remedies to help his wife who has Muscular Dystrophy. He said the iMRS machine greatly helped her, and it also helped him. He himself was a roofer for 8 years when he was younger and he said it helped him a lot with his own pain (back pain, elbow pain, body pain). Great testimonial! I'm so happy to hear about the change in his wife.

How to get Healthy Teeth.

Helen's testimonial below is nothing short of incredible. Her life changed in so many ways after she started using "The Mat." She no longer had to go live in an "assisted care" type facility. Her foot healed. And she shows how she has no wrinkles around her eyes, and attributes this to the iMRS machine! Thank you Helen for this incredible testimonial.

This genetleman uses the iMRS mat for eczema and said nothing seemed to work to heal his hands, until he came to this wellness center. He said he tried 200 topical products, tried 5 different products. Did IV therapy, BioFeedback work, but he felt that the PEMF treatment with the MRS 2000 was the "final piece to his healing." He describes his healing as "miraculous." He says it also helps with developmental trauma and field coherence. He said that he can an IV needle into a patient easier after they lay on a mat for 4 or 5 minutes because after that time there is "incredible 'vaso dilation'."  He felt like the PEMF "upregulated" his whole system so that his body could finally heal.

This woman uses the iMRS Mat for Muscular dystrophy.

This man has a great testimonial for the iMRS and Parkinson's Disease.

This woman is a physical therapist and talks about a man who came in with severe neck pain, his head was bent forward and locked into position, he couldn't move it at all. He did a 40 minute session with a homeopathic remedy. He had the wand on his neck for 16 minutes at the 400 setting and he said he had no more pain. He even sent a thank you email to her the next day, saying he "owed her big time" because he was pain free. Love it!

This woman had extreme dizziness and excruciating pain in her legs after a car accident. She couldn't get upstairs, always had to have assistance to get out of a chair. Her legs are better and she has no more dizziness. She can get in and out of her car on her own. And her energy level is much higher too.

This woman has a type of Rheumatoid Arthritis that affected all her muscles, ligaments and her immune system. She gives a great testimonial for the iMRS! She said she has felt a DRASTIC decrease in pain, feels 95 percent better. She said her right knee was the size of a softball. Her wrist was the size of a golf ball due to inflammation. She had terrible pain in her neck, and felt pain down to her toes. But the MRS 2000 helped her a lot! And she's not even on any more medication (though she was on medication for 10 years). She said she "couldn't feel any better." She took corticosteroids, anti inflammatories, hormones and painkillers, and she said they did not work well for her. Now she is off ALL of those meds. Great testimonial!

This man uses PEMF to help his rheumatoid arthritis and his eyesight.

This woman experienced a great improvement in her sleeping with the iMRS machine. She used to use Excedrin PM and Benadryl to help her sleep, but started becoming immune to it and would be miserable on her days off the pills. She only got 4-6 hours of sleep before, even on the Benadryl. When she started using the MRS after 2 weeks she saw that she would get better, deeper sleep and sleep for longer periods. She said she felt more well rested. She also said the soundlite system really helped her to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep, straight. She used to wake up 3 or 4 times a night, and now will wake up once at the most. Awesome!

This woman, Dr. Robyn Benson of the  learned about PEMF from author John Gray (from Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus). John Gray said he had terrible tooth and jaw pain, and an 8 minute treatment with the probe took his paiin away. She said she was resistant at first because she sees SO many healing devices and just didn't see why she needed to add this to her center. Finally she tried it and saw what all the fuss was about. She first noticed it improved her jetlag. She gave treatments to every patient who was interested (she gave them a treatment in addition to using accupuncture). She said it took away peoples' pain immediately. She's had a 25 history of severe sleep problems. After using the MRS 2x a day she went from having severe insomnia to being able to sleep and have more energy. She stopped running a few years earlier because her body was producing so much lactic acid and it got too hard for her. But because of the MRS machine, she started running marathons again! Also, she used to get headaches and sinus infections and no longer gets them.

She has been practicing medicine for 18 years and in the last 6 months she's had a great improvement in her sleep and feels it helped her in her marathon training. She just does 8 minutes on the mat before she runs, and then 8 or 16 minutes on the mat afterwards, and said it's amazing how well she heals after she gets on the machine. If you are in the Santa Fe area and would like to visit her clinic to try a machine, her contact info is at the end of the videos.

Wolfgang the CEO of MediConsult, with a woman (who had another testimonial above) who uses the iMRS and loves it. She was there to run a marathon.

This woman had facial pain for about a year which was caused by a tooth that needed some work. She did have the work done but the mat really helped her to heal it. She said her body feels great. She has a history of lyme disease and because of the mat she doesn't have as much achiness and really feels good. 

This man says the MRS machine really helps him with his MS! He said it did take 16 months before he really noticed something, but when he did see the results, it was amazing. He got an MRI and his doctor said the lesions on his brain were shrinking. He tested him again with a blood workup and said that his "myelin sheath" was starting to reverse and regenerate!! He used to have to have a nap in the middle of the day and now he no longer needs one. Also, he used to be an electrician for 33 years in a local union and worked in a large plants getting a lot of radiation exposure and lots of shocks. Other people used to say that the shocks wouldn't really affect him, but he feels those shocks contributed to his MS, and there are other people in his union who are saying they have MS also and they are feeling their back and neck pain is going away because of this mat. He also feels that it really improved his sleep pattern.  He'd sleep just an hour or two, get up for 3 or 4 hours and then have to go back to bed. Now he can sleep between about 12:30 till about 6am, undisturbed, and says "oh wow, what a great sleep I've  had!"

Here are ten different testimonials for the MRS 2000 machine...

.... and ANOTHER 10 testimonials!

This testimonial is from a woman who has a 25 year history of chronic fatigue, immune dysfunction, fibromyalgia, lack of sleep, lots of pain, and depression. She said she had immediate pain reduction using the accessory pieces (the probe, pillow pad), and within a month felt calmer and more balanced within about 4 to 6 weeks. She said her sleep has increased even more, and she is even more balanced.

This woman says one of the side benefits of the iMRS machine is that her old hair color is being restored, and now she can see her dark roots coming in! So this machine can also potentially be used as a beauty treatment! Kind of like what Helen was saying in the testimonial, about her wrinkles.

Sorry this video is sideways but I thought it was worth posting because it's a great testimonial for people who have Multiple Sclerosis / MS!

Thanks for taking the time to watch these videos. Again, if you would like to purchase a machine or try one out, just call me at 650-735-1599, or email me through my blog. I love helping people restore their health and am happy to answer any questions that I can!

Best regards,


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PEMF for Parkinson's Disease - It really does Work! Please be cautious of dangerous Parkinson's Meds

Robin Williams was a treasure to the Bay Area, and I sometimes wonder if he could have had any idea of how much people would miss him when he was gone.  This post is dedicated to Robin Williams who, like my own father, died at the way-too-young age of 63.

I realize there may not have been any way to save Robin Williams, but I really wish someone could have told him about PEMF (true, I don't know if he knew about it or not or if it would have saved him, but my guess is he wasn't using it). Even though it's been proven to be very effective (SEE THE VIDEOS BELOW), sadly there are FEW doctors who even know about it. Dr. Oz raves about PEMF and devoted a whole show to it, and asked everyone in his audience to tell their own doctors about it, because most people have never heard of it.

I didn't know about it myself until last year, and I only found out about it "by chance." It took hundreds of hours of researching alternative healing methods for me to even stumble upon it.  If I hadn't put in all that time and research, I would still never have heard of it. Unless you are specifically looking up PEMF in a search engine, you are unlikely to ever hear about it because it just gets buried in all the info that's out there. I know it works and isn't just a bunch of hype because I've used it, my husband has used it, and you can go to youtube and see many, many videos of patient testimonials by people who have used PEMF.

If you are skeptical about PEMF and its effectiveness, please feel free to google PEMF and Parkinson's, and view the facts and testimonials for yourself.

Actor Rob Schneider insisted that the drugs Robin Williams was on, actually has a SIDE EFFECT OF SUICIDE (until his publicity team basically told him he had better be quiet for the sake of his career).  I first heard about the connection via this video on youtube.  In the video you will see that Sinemet, a psychiatric drug commonly prescribed for Parkinson's, has the following side effects listed: Psychotic episodes including delusions, hallucinations, and paranoid ideation, neuroleptic malignant syndrome (NMS, see WARNINGS), bradykinetic episodes ("on-off" phenomenon), confusion, agitation, dizziness, somnolence, dream abnormalities including nightmares, insomnia, paresthesia, headache, DEPRESSION WITH OR WITHOUT DEVELOPMENT OF SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, dementia, pathological gambling, increased libido including hypersexuality, impulse control symptoms. Convulsions also have occurred; however, a causal relationship with SINEMET (carbidopa-levodopa) has not been established.

UPDATE: 12/10/14: I just read THIS ARTICLE that mentioned a bottle of Seroquel was found at Robin William's home - it was prescribed for him a week before his death. You can find the following information about Seroquel on THIS PAGE. And yes - just like with the Sinemet... it sounds as if Seroquel can cause thoughts of suicide, as well.  Shouldn't the doctors have known that giving a drug that causes twitching, uncontrollable movements, fast heartbeats, or agitation, to someone like Robin Williams, is like that Geico commercial where the Tasmanian Devil goes totally nuts and spins out of control after drinking an energy drink????

Seroquel side effects
Get emergency medical help if you have any of these signs of an allergic reaction to Seroquel: hives; difficulty breathing; swelling of your face, lips, tongue, or throat.
Report any new or worsening symptoms to your doctor, such as: mood or behavior changes, anxiety, panic attacks, trouble sleeping, or if you feel impulsive, irritable, agitated, hostile, aggressive, restless, hyperactive (mentally or physically), more depressed, or have thoughts about suicide or hurting yourself.
Call your doctor at once if you have:
  • a light-headed feeling, like you might pass out;
  • very stiff (rigid) muscles, high fever, sweating, confusion, fast or uneven heartbeats, tremors;
  • twitching or uncontrollable movements of your eyes, lips, tongue, face, arms, or legs;
  • mask-like appearance of the face, trouble swallowing, problems with speech;
  • breast swelling or discharge (in men or women), missed menstrual periods, impotence, loss of libido;
  • blurred vision, tunnel vision, eye pain, or seeing halos around lights; or
  • sudden weakness or ill feeling, fever, chills, cold or flu symptoms, cough, sore throat, red or swollen gums, painful mouth sores, skin sores, trouble breathing.
Common Seroquel side effects may include:
  • dizziness, drowsiness, loss of energy, tired feeling;
  • increased appetite, weight gain;
  • dry mouth; or
  • nausea, vomiting, stomach pain or discomfort, constipation.
This is not a complete list of side effects and others may occur. Call your doctor for medical advice about side effects. You may report side effects to FDA at 1-800-FDA-1088.

I cringed reading part of an article about Robin William's coroner's report, that said "Prescription medications, including an antidepressant, were detected in “therapeutic concentrations."  We think of "therapeutic" as something that will help or heal you... but unless you do your research, a therapeutic concentration of the wrong drug can take your life. I firmly believe it was those drugs that ultimately drove Robin Williams to end his life.   Doctors can be sooo irresponsible. They will push all kinds of unnecessary and dangerous drugs on patients and just hope for the best, and when something goes wrong, they shuck off all responsibility. I've seen doctors prescribe dangerous medications for members of my family and I only found out they were dangerous when I did the research about the side effects. You would think that every doctor would warn you if a prescription medication they are giving your loved one has a dangerous side effect, but sadly I know from experience that this is not usually the case. When a patients condition is very life threatening and seems hopeless, it's as if most doctors - even the ones that seem caring and  kind - kind of throw their hands up in the air as if to say, "Well, it sucks that these medications are harmful but.... do you have a better solution?"

TRUST ME THERE ARE BETTER SOLUTIONS OUT THERE.... BUT YOU HAVE TO DO RESEARCH TO FIND THEM AND DON'T EXPECT DOCTORS TO TELL YOU WHAT THEY ARE. Please watch the videos below and see for yourself.... there are a lot of things that WORK, but most doctors are way to afraid to ever mention them and go against conventional therapies (in many cases they can get in trouble for recommending anything "outside the box.")


The first two videos below are from Advanced Wellness Center in Sarasota Florida, and their videos are pretty incredible. Apparently they are the only office in the country (that I have found) who is doing this exact type of therapy. They have people flying in from all over the country to get their treatments. If you want to call them directly, they can be reached at 941-330-8553.

I called their office to get the "gist" of how a procedure goes, and basically the patient is seen for 4 days. The first treatment is for one hour, and the following treatments over the next 3 days are about 30 minutes each. If you are local (or able to afford it) they would like to follow up in one month, then two months, but if you live far away, be assured that the treatment can last up to 6 months so if you're unable to go back in a month or two, it's probably OK. The price for the treatments (that I was quoted as of December 2014) are approximately $1,350 + $260 for PEMF+Glutogenesis, so the total is $1600.  If you want a consultation with them, just CLICK HERE.  You can see more of their videos by CLICKING HERE.

The next few videos below show improvements in people who have used the Earth Pulse Machine. More proof that PEMF really does help! I do believe that you could have better results with a stronger machine (the one used in the videos above is a professional grade machine that typically sells for over $10,000) but if you can't afford this kind of machine, it could help you to get an Earth Pulse. If you live in the Bay Area and would like to try out my professional grade machine to see if it works for you, just contact me through Blogger.

Dr. John Gray is a promoter of PEMF (you can see a woman talking about how Dr. Gray told her about PEMF, on one of the videos listed on my page dedicated to the iMRS machines). But for some reason it is hard to find videos of him promoting it. I can tell you that there are people and companies who are very cautious of promoting PEMF because the FDA has very strict guidelines about promoting PEMF and people have actually gotten in trouble for promoting it (it's ok to promote it but you cannnot say the wrong things, like, you can't say it's a "cure" or use exaggerated claims).  He is not promoting PEMF in this particular video, but I am adding it because he has some good tips on helping people with Parkinson's disease.

Here is an article from ncbi on the effects of PEMF and Parkinson's disease:

Magnetic fields in the treatment of Parkinson's disease.


Levodopa-induced dyskinesias are a common complication of chronic dopaminergic therapy in patients with Parkinson's disease (PD). The overall prevalence of levodopa-induced dyskinesias ranges from 40%-90% and is related to the underlying disease process, pharmacologic factors, and to the duration of high dose levodopa therapy. The mechanisms underlying the emergence of levodopa-induced dyskinesias are unknown, although most investigators favor the theory that striatal dopamine receptor supersensitivity is directly responsible for the development of these abnormal movements. In laboratory animals, the pineal hormone melatonin has been shown to regulate striatal dopaminergic activity and block levodopa-induced dyskinesias (Cotzias et al., 1971). Since the pineal gland is known to be a magnetosensitive organ and as application of external magnetic fields has been shown to alter melatonin secretion, we studied the effects of application of external artificial weak magnetic fields in a Parkinsonian patient with severe levodopa-induced dyskinesias ("on-off"). Application of weak magnetic fields with a frequency of 2 Hz and intensity of 7.5 picotesla (pT) for a 6 minute period resulted in a rapid and dramatic attenuation of Parkinsonian disability and an almost complete resolution of the dyskinesias. This effect persisted for about 72 hours after which the patient regressed to his pretreatment state. To ascertain if the responses elicited in the laboratory were reproducible, the patient was instructed to apply magnetic fields of the same characteristics daily at home. These subsequent treatments paralleled the initial response with a sustained improvement being maintained during an observation period lasting at least one month. This case demonstrates the efficacy of weak magnetic fields in the treatment of Parkinsonism and motor complications of chronic levodopa therapy.

Robin Williams was a brilliant man and we lost him way too soon.  

RIP ROBIN WILLIAMS, I hope you know how much you were truly loved. 

Friday, August 22, 2014

PEMF for the Blue Collar Workers! Cops, Firefighters, Laborers, Construction Workers, Carpenters, and all you Heavy Lifters!!!

Let's hear it for the Blue Collar Workers!

My hat is off to all the people out there who lift heavy things for a living.  This time last year, I was actually working as a carpenter, and my body hurt ALL OVER when I'd get home. I also know how many harsh chemicals they breathe... so I wanted to let people in the construction industry, and all blue collar jobs -  know about PEMF!

If you are ever interested in purchasing a machine, I can tell you about different varieties that are available, and even get you a really good discount on a machine. PEMF can greatly help with back pain and all kinds of body pain (just check out some of the videos posted on this site, like this one about arthritis, and this one which shows many different, inspirational stories about PEMF.

This is Dr. Oz's video, showing how much PEMF helped a police officer who struggled with debilitating back pain. After PEMF treatment, even Dr. Oz was surprised to hear he had NO back pain. You can see his story at about the 4:55 mark.


You can see a testimonial from this guy at the 8:08 mark... he's in the construction business.


This man has COPD and breathing issues and PEMF really helped him breathe better. I am posting this because I've actually worked in the carpentry field for a short time, and I know how many chemicals you are exposed to and how it can cause serious lung problems!


This guy was a roofer and, although he bought the PEMF machine for his wife, he was amazed to see how well it worked to relieve his own pain!

If you are interested in trying PEMF or purchasing a PEMF mat, call me any time at 650-735-1599. If I am on another call, just leave me a message and I will call you back.

Thanks to all you blue collar workers for all the work you do!!!


Thursday, August 21, 2014

Rheumatoid Arthritis and PEMF... if you take Humira, you may want to read this!

I made this post on my lunch break for a very sweet woman whom I just met, who has Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA).

You can read a publication on PEMF from PUBMED / NCBI, regarding PEMF and Rheumatoid Arthritis, by clicking here:

You can see a great testimonial from a woman named Holly, at about 1:22 in the video below.  The testimonial right after hers (at about the 3:25 mark) is a woman who talks about how there was a study done with NIH on Rheumatoid Arthritis (and also Fibromyalgia) that shows that PEMF helped women with Rheumatoid Arthritis. They showed a reduction in pain and fatigue.

The woman at the 2:30 point in this video below did not have Rheumatoid arthritis but she had Fibromyalgia and was raving about the iMRS mat (please note that I can get you a discount on this model, if you are interested... just contact me through my blog).

 It's true I can't understand what this man is saying but I am thinking, given the title of the video, that he said PEMF helped his rheumatoid arthritis.

This video below is about someone who had osteoarthritis but I am thinking PEMF therapy would help someone with RA for the same reason: it oxygenates the blood and improves circulation.

Also, I wanted to let people know that there is a company called Visalus because it has helped many people with Rheumatoid arthritis. You can see some testimonials here. If you have any more questions about Visalus, you can call me any time at 650-735-1599.

This testimonial is not for Rheumatoid Arthritis, but it is for Arthritis. Visalus can help people with both!

I would HIGHLY recommend that anyone with Rheumatoid Arthritis get some Turmeric by Eden Pond. It has over 2,000 reviews with a 5 star average! You can find it on HERE. If you go to, you can see what other people have said about this particular brand, in the reviews... they rave about it. For anyone who doesn't know this, you can search through the reviews for keywords, so I searched through the reviews for people who used it for rheumatoid arthritis and there are a LOT of people who say it helped them or a loved one with this condition. You can read those reviews (where people wrote about how it helped with RA) by CLICKING HERE.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

PEMF Machines made by BEMER

It sounds like this is a really powerful machine and there are some great videos for it on YouTube, especially those uploaded by Lady Bemer! Thank you to Lady Bemer and all the people who have uploaded these informative videos. Lady Bemer has a practice in Petaluma, CA if you live in CA and would like to make an appointment with her.

Friday, July 25, 2014

PEMF and Cancer - Why PEMF Helps: Cancer Cells Cannot Live in an Environment With High Levels of Oxygen

Please note that I am not saying PEMF cures cancer. But I do believe that PEMF is a treatment that can make the body stronger and could possibly give someone a better chance of getting through whatever treatment they are going through.  You may have heard about studies that show that cancer is unable to survive in the presence of high oxygen. The great thing about PEMF is that it helps to oxygenate your cells. You can read all about this online. Here is one page with some good information (Click HERE).

I have been reading some scary things about chemotherapy and want to share them with others. Please note that I do not fault anyone for getting chemo. I know it can be effective in many cases, but it is just a shame that doctors rarely mention alternative therapies, and most have never even heard of PEMF.

There are some very powerful videos below, that will show you cases of people who have healed themselves with natural therapies.

Please note that this video below is not about PEMF and cancer, but I think it had some very interesting information in it, about cancer.

What Dr. Pawluk says about PEMF and Cancer:

And lastly... I think everyone should watch this video by Dr. Robert Becker... one of the great pioneers of PEMF. It's pretty amazing that he invested so much of his money into PEMF without the intention of ever profiting from PEMF. He never actually sold and profited from his own machines, but felt that he was carrying on his father's work (you can see him talk about this at the 11:15 mark in this video).

This is a great video. Dr. Becker talks about how his treatments have helped to cure AIDS. As an example, he talks about a patient whom, on August 11, 1998, had 3,063 particles of HIV in his blood, and then as he continued treatment, on 11/3/95, his count was less than 100. He has "foot and a half stacks" of reports where full blown AIDS patients who were on life support, became symptom free.

Also, there are quite a few people who believe Kangen water may help...  You can see this in some of the videos below.  Dr. Otto Warbug proved that Cancer and disease cannot exist in an oxygen-rich environment, and Kangen water can greatly help with that!

Good luck to everyone out there who has cancer and is going through cancer treatment. I am wishing you the best in your recovery!


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Got a Sore Foot? This page is dedicated to people with Broken Feet, Broken Ankles, Broken Legs, and Injured Knees... try PEMF!

Please note the picture to the left is a before and after shot of a person's knee after they had a PEMF therapy treatment. This picture is from this page. Look at the difference in this person's bone density and cartilage repair... unbelievable!

The year I was 35, I twisted my ankle, BAD. THREE TIMES. I have no idea how I did this 3 times in the course of 1 year, but I did. And the pain was awful (I have since learned that I actually, really do need to watch my step!!). Luckily I was able to recover, in part thanks to a tonic my Chinese-herb-savvy friend Jeannie gave me. But because of my own experiences, I have a lot of empathy for anyone who goes through any kind of leg injury that impairs their ability to walk!

In the last few years I have had friends, family members, and co-workers who have suffered with terrible pain after breaking a foot, spraining an ankle, injuring a knee, or tearing an ACL. I want to share these videos with you! Sorry I don't have the time right now to make this a fancy blog... so I am going to let these videos speak for themselves.

This is a great testimonial from a woman named Helen who has a powerful testimonial on YouTube. I will be adding more soon

You can read her full testimonial here:

And here is her video below. Thank you to Helen S. for taking the time to make this video!

PEMF and Eye Problems - Macular Degeneration, Cataracts and more

Here are some videos in which people talk about how PEMF helps people with their eyesight. Decide for yourself. My eyesight is not great so i am looking forward to seeing how it helps me with my own eyesight!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

PEMF Therapy for Dogs and Cats - Look at these Amazing Regeneration and Healing Stories!

If you have a dog that is sick or has arthritis, PLEASE get in touch with me. I really want you to let your pets try Kangen water! And PEMF too. If you live in the bay area, I can let you try both for FREE.

If you are like me, you love animals as much as any other member of your family and would do just about anything to keep them happy and healthy.

Recently, a dog I really, really loved, named Parker, was put to sleep after his surgeries for hip dysplasia got too expensive (I believe it was over $15,000 in the long haul) and he developed blood clots and complications from his surgery. The whole situation was just too emotional and difficult for his owner to deal with, and he was put to sleep the morning after this photo (to the left) was taken. My heart still aches when I look at this photo (I didn't know the veterinarian at "Sage Wellness" was going to talk his guardian into putting him to sleep... in this picture I was telling him bye "for now."). I understand his guardian was frustrated but... I just wish we had both known about PEMF, and Kangen water, before he had the surgery.

I used to dogsit for Parker and loved him so much, I cried for days after he was put to sleep. There is no way to bring him back, but in his memory I want to tell as many dog owners about PEMF as I possibly can. PEMF therapy and alkaline water were not offered at Sage Wellness where he had his surgeries and it's really a shame, because there are many vets and pet owners who say IT WORKS! Myself included!

In December of 2014 I learned about Kangen water which seems to be incredible for helping pets with arthritis and all kinds of ailments... I will be uploading a video about how it has helped my cats... they're all about 12 years old, but they are prancing around the house like 2 year old kittens!

Please watch the videos below. It's really incredible, what this water does, and it is so inexpensive to make, I love to share it with animals!!!

You can also see some incredible healing stories about Kangen water and "restructured" water by CLICKING HERE. I never really understood the benefits of alkaline water until now. Kangen water isn't ordinary alkaline water... Kangen machines are sold as medical grade devices which restructure the molecules in the water so you can absorb the water better and bring more oxygen into the bloodstream... the results are pretty amazing. A little over a year ago my husband was on 6 medications. Today he's not on a single one and he is very thankful to have found Kangen water. It works for humans as well as pets!

This is the very best testimonial I've seen for how this water helps pets. It gave me goosebumps, maybe because it made me think of Parker. And if you are in the bay area I will let your pets try this water for FREE!!!

Many pet guardians report that their pets tend to prefer Kangen water over regular tap water. When your blood cells (or your pet's blood cells) are oxygenated, this can help heal just about every condition there is. Cancer cannot live in a highly-oxygenated environment! 


Here are some videos about PEMF that could help your dog one day. Please watch the videos on this page (scroll down) - they are unbelievable (and what is more unbelievable is that not ALL VETS are using PEMF in their practice). I have several resources below for machines that will cost LESS than many vet bills.  There are a few different companies that make affordable machines and mats and devices for pets, as well as humans.
I absolutely love this video below, by Pulsed Harmonix, which shows an American Bulldog named Elwood, who had a limp back leg after a few operations that didn't heal well. But at the end of the video, you can see him bouncing around like a puppy! Please note that if you live in the Bay area, I am getting one of these Professional Grade machines from Pulsed Harmonix, and to help pay for the machine, I am offering to let people use it for just $1 per minute. So, a 20 minute treatment would be $20. The dog in this video below just had 4 treatments!!... that comes out to less than $100, which is a lot less than your average vet bill... and I can't even imagine any other kind of treatment that you could even GET from a vet, being able to make your pet heal as quickly as Elwood did in this video.

The video below shows a Pitbull that was PARALYZED, and began walking again, thanks to PEMF!

When I first learned about PEMF a few months ago, I thought the lowest price for a machine was $3000. I wish I had known about PEMF a year ago. After a lot of research, I found some small, portable machines you can buy that are between $150 and $350. You can get a mat for your dog for  I know it sounds like a lot but PLEASE keep in mind that I would never buy one of these if I didn't think it would actually SAVE me a lot of money in the long term (just ask anyone who knows me... I am like, THE biggest tightwad with money). I truly believe that if Buddy's guardian had been able to buy a PEMF machine, he could have saved over $15,000 in vet bills.... and Buddy would still be alive today.

You can get PEMF "pet mats" for cats and dogs for around $400- $700. I know that sounds like a lot of money but please consider the cost of what is TRULY EXPENSIVE: VET BILLS!!! Ask yourself an honest, realistic question: how much are you going to spend on your pet by trying to keep them alive, when they get really sick and need emergency treatment? My guess is, if you are someone who loves your cat or dog as if it was your kid (like I do), you will spend THOUSANDS. Vet bills are OUTRAGEOUS. The last time I took one of my cats to the vet, the bill was $500 and it was for a misdiagnosis and all they did was bloodwork... they didn't heal a THING!!! (and sadly, in many cases, vets perform surgeries that can actually make your animal's condition worse). The amount of money I spent on that one vet visit, which didn't do a thing for my cat, could have paid for a whole mat.

The video below is truly unbelievable. It is a great testimonial for the Earth Pulse Machine which you can get on You can CLICK HERE  to go to the Amazon page and read other reviews.

In the video below, this dog, "Gizmo" is SO unbelievably energetic and spry for her age (16)... I am definitely getting one of these for my cats (it's convenient because you can just put it under the bed where they sleep). The cost for these machines is typically about $600 but Amazon seems to have the best pricing. There are 2 sellers on Amazon selling the machines for just $499, which is WAY cheaper than years worth of vet bills, medications, etc.!!!

Look at the video and decide for yourself....

This is Gizmo at age 12....  and the next video shows her at age 16 and I can't see any difference!

This is Gizmo at 16... and by the way if you watch this video to the end, you will see how incredibly buff Gizmo's owner is, at age 50.... So you may want to consider getting one of these machines for yourself!!! (though I'm sure he works out, his skin texture does look pretty darn good for someone who's 50).

You can also get PEMF mats that are made specifically for dogs and cats, in two places I found online:

From Bio Life... click HERE  You can see testimonials (from HUMANS using BioLife products HERE)

And from Respond Systems... click HERE.

And if you can afford it, you can also get a very high quality mat for yourself, that you can share with your pets. You can see one doctor's testimonials about the iMRS mat for pets, by clicking HERE. Please note, if you are interested in purchasing an iMRS machine, contact me by clicking I can get help you get a discount.

You can also purchase a very inexpensive PEMF unit, called the Bio Medici. This was my very first PEMF machine. I bought it  from this place in Canada. The thing that sold me was, this unit is under 200 dollars and they have a really good testimonial from someone who uses it on his german shepherd and basically said it helped to prolong  his life and keep him young.  On the downside, since I ordered it from Canada, it took almost 2 weeks to arrive!

But I found another place called ELIXA, that is based in New Mexico, so it only took a few days when I ordered another unit to replace mine when I lent mine to a friend.  Elixa calls their units the "Magnetan" but they are the exact same thing, they are all made in Canada but labeled differently. I would definitely recommend getting them from ELIXA because if you live in the U.S., they will arrive WAY FASTER! And their customer service is excellent.  They also have a really good website that features a lot of information about the Magnetan, including a Frequency list and a list of different settings to use for different ailments.

If you can't afford to get the Earth Pulse for your pet, I would recommend starting out with the Magnetan, and set the frequency at 10hz (press switch 3 and 6), and let your pet wear it for 10 hours at a time (I strap it to my cat Bert's back by tying it around him like a belt). There was one occasion where it came off him and he was a little freaked out because it was dragging on the ground, so I am glad I was around to fix it. For this reason, I think it's best to put it on your cat in the evening, maybe around 9 PM, and then take it off when you get up to go to work (for me that's 7am) so your cat gets 10 hours exposure and you are at home to fix it if for some reason it gets loose.

I've also thought of getting a Large Cat Thundershirt (the one we have at home is too small for him) and tucking the box into the velcro part so it wouldn't come loose, but haven't tried that yet. If you are interested in getting a Thundershirt for your dog or cat, they have them on Amazon in several sizes:

CATS: SMALL (under 9 lbs),   MEDIUM (9-13 lbs), and LARGE (cats over 13 lbs)

DOGS:  X-SMALL (under 15 lbs),   SMALL(15-25 lbs),    MEDIUM (25-50 lbs),
  LARGE (41-64 lbs),  X-LARGE (65-90 lbs)   XX-LARGE (over 90 lbs)

 The Magnetan has helped Bert with some breathing issues he's had for a while. For under $200, I would recommend this machine to anyone! I am definitely planning on getting an Earth Pulse Machine, for all my cats to sleep on, after seeing the review about the dog who used it, but I think this is a really good machine to start with... who knows, maybe that's all your cat or dog will need.

I didn't know you could buy machines that helped dogs, for under $2000, but I wish I had known at the time!!! But even if I did... we couldn't wait 11 days for a unit to come. So please get yours NOW!

The testimonial below can be found on THIS PAGE.

"Since weeks I wanted to write to you, but I was not quite sure if I experienced an isolated incident only or if there are really more profound reasons behind the Bio Medici magnetic therapy. Nevertheless, I am by now convinced that the Bio Medici has, so to speak, performed a miracle.
The unbelievable started only few days after I received the instrument. As I am a pensioner since one year, it is my habit to take a catnap on the sofa after dinner. With the magnetic therapy device placed on my chest I enjoying its beneficial and comforting effect. Lately however, I noticed that my dog Wolfi became quite insistent in trying to lie in my lap while I was relaxing on the sofa. This is quite impossible as Wolfi is a huge German shepherd and has never been a lap dog. Furthermore, it is quite unbecoming in a well-trained animal. Unfortunately, Wolfi is already 15 years old, not yet sick, but plagued by the usual discomforts of old age, such as pain in the joints. Wolfi used to be very lively, he demanded long walks, was continuously hungry and ready to play any time and has been, above all, very attentive and watchful. Unfortunately, this has long past. Measured by a human life span, Wolfi had reached senility. But all this has happened before the treatment with the magnetic therapy device.

To make a long story short, I fell asleep on the sofa. The mangetic therapy device always provides me with deep and restorative sleep. When I woke up, Wolfi was next to me, blinking sheepishly and licking my face. He then jumped off the sofa (normally he would have painfully climbed down) before I could rise, wagged his tail and asked me in his particular dog fashion, to go for a walk, just like in old times. I was so surprised that I at first did not notice that the instrument for the past two hours must have been resting not on me, but under Wolfi!
There after, Wolfi gave me the impression of almost being youthful. Over the next few days I observed him while pretending to sleep. He waited a while, watching me in turn. Slowly, so I would not notice, he climbed onto the sofa, to take a nap with me. I noticed that after a little while he very carefully pushed the magnetic therapy device with his snout from my chest. As I was lying on my back, the device had fallen between us, exposing us to its healing 
powers. So this was the solution of the riddle! Wolfi's instinct had told him of the healing properties of the magnetic therapy. He must have perceived that it was good for him. From then on, we shared the instrument.
At night, I place the magnetic therapy device in his sleeping quarter. Ever since Wolfi sleeps deeply. His relaxed snoring is very evident and he does not need to go out any more during the night due to improved bladder control. Again he is lively, enjoys an improved appetite and is quite happy. He seems rejuvenated and we take long walks. Both of us are healthy, active and "happy."
I am convinced that Wolfi will be with me yet for a long time, thanks to the magnetic therapy device. Therefore, I would like to order an additional Bio-Medici, so I also can enjoy its benefit during the night."

E. Hoffmann


"Hello Polar Bears in Canada
It's now time to write to you. Our dog Bob is the one who has ended up needing the magnetic therapy device the most. We are very successful with the treatment of his starting with Arthrosis as well as with his Prostate problems. The prognosis of our physician was devastating three years ago. In May, we celebrate his 18th birthday. This will be a big event. Bob also fell at night with the Bio Medici in our pool, since that time we call it the Submarine Bio Medici. We opened the device immediately and dried it with a hair dryer and luckily, (you don't want people thinking it is waterproof) it works well again.

If the vets would know about the advantages of the Bio Medici, they would have sleepless nights. Especially the dog owners could save a lot of money, since the vets ask unbelievable fees. The vets here are not really specialized for small animals; therefore the dog owners have to help themselves.
We highly praise the Bio Medici, because without it our Bob would not be around anymore."
Theodor, Costa Rica

You can read more about the unit by clicking HERE.

You can get a machine from the manufacturer by clicking HERE.

And here is a video by Pulsed Harmonics, about Pets and PEMF:

Please help spread the word to your pet loving friends, and your Vets, about PEMF! It could really make a difference in the life of an animal.


Laura (Ualani)