Friday, July 25, 2014

PEMF and Cancer - Why PEMF Helps: Cancer Cells Cannot Live in an Environment With High Levels of Oxygen

Please note that I am not saying PEMF cures cancer. But I do believe that PEMF is a treatment that can make the body stronger and could possibly give someone a better chance of getting through whatever treatment they are going through.  You may have heard about studies that show that cancer is unable to survive in the presence of high oxygen. The great thing about PEMF is that it helps to oxygenate your cells. You can read all about this online. Here is one page with some good information (Click HERE).

I have been reading some scary things about chemotherapy and want to share them with others. Please note that I do not fault anyone for getting chemo. I know it can be effective in many cases, but it is just a shame that doctors rarely mention alternative therapies, and most have never even heard of PEMF.

There are some very powerful videos below, that will show you cases of people who have healed themselves with natural therapies.

Please note that this video below is not about PEMF and cancer, but I think it had some very interesting information in it, about cancer.

What Dr. Pawluk says about PEMF and Cancer:

And lastly... I think everyone should watch this video by Dr. Robert Becker... one of the great pioneers of PEMF. It's pretty amazing that he invested so much of his money into PEMF without the intention of ever profiting from PEMF. He never actually sold and profited from his own machines, but felt that he was carrying on his father's work (you can see him talk about this at the 11:15 mark in this video).

This is a great video. Dr. Becker talks about how his treatments have helped to cure AIDS. As an example, he talks about a patient whom, on August 11, 1998, had 3,063 particles of HIV in his blood, and then as he continued treatment, on 11/3/95, his count was less than 100. He has "foot and a half stacks" of reports where full blown AIDS patients who were on life support, became symptom free.

Also, there are quite a few people who believe Kangen water may help...  You can see this in some of the videos below.  Dr. Otto Warbug proved that Cancer and disease cannot exist in an oxygen-rich environment, and Kangen water can greatly help with that!

Good luck to everyone out there who has cancer and is going through cancer treatment. I am wishing you the best in your recovery!


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