Thursday, July 3, 2014

Most Inspirational PEMF Videos - Success Stories!

Big thanks to Dr. Oz for doing an entire show on PEMF... he is really helping to spread the word about it. I wasn't able to watch it live the day it aired, but luckily for YouTube, I was eventually able to see it. This video features Dr. Pawluk, a leading expert on PEMF.


This is a great patient testimonial from a guy who says PEMF treatment saved his life. He was in extreme pain and discomfort so his mother asked him to try it. He was very skeptical of PEMF, but he eventually decided to do it. He had been in a motorcycle accident at 80mph and hit so hard his helmet "blew up." He walked with a cane for 3 years, had memory issues, depression. With PEMF treatment, he says 90% of that is GONE now.

This video below shows how PEMF helps with Micro-Circulation, and this is a big reason why it heals so many different things in the body.


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