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PEMF and Cancer - Why PEMF Helps: Cancer Cells Cannot Live in an Environment With High Levels of Oxygen

Please note that I am not saying PEMF cures cancer. But I do believe that PEMF is a treatment that can make the body stronger and could possibly give someone a better chance of getting through whatever treatment they are going through.  You may have heard about studies that show that cancer is unable to survive in the presence of high oxygen. The great thing about PEMF is that it helps to oxygenate your cells. You can read all about this online. Here is one page with some good information (Click HERE).

I have been reading some scary things about chemotherapy and want to share them with others. Please note that I do not fault anyone for getting chemo. I know it can be effective in many cases, but it is just a shame that doctors rarely mention alternative therapies, and most have never even heard of PEMF.

There are some very powerful videos below, that will show you cases of people who have healed themselves with natural therapies.

Please note that this video below is not about PEMF and cancer, but I think it had some very interesting information in it, about cancer.

What Dr. Pawluk says about PEMF and Cancer:

And lastly... I think everyone should watch this video by Dr. Robert Becker... one of the great pioneers of PEMF. It's pretty amazing that he invested so much of his money into PEMF without the intention of ever profiting from PEMF. He never actually sold and profited from his own machines, but felt that he was carrying on his father's work (you can see him talk about this at the 11:15 mark in this video).

This is a great video. Dr. Becker talks about how his treatments have helped to cure AIDS. As an example, he talks about a patient whom, on August 11, 1998, had 3,063 particles of HIV in his blood, and then as he continued treatment, on 11/3/95, his count was less than 100. He has "foot and a half stacks" of reports where full blown AIDS patients who were on life support, became symptom free.

Also, there are quite a few people who believe Kangen water may help...  You can see this in some of the videos below.  Dr. Otto Warbug proved that Cancer and disease cannot exist in an oxygen-rich environment, and Kangen water can greatly help with that!

Good luck to everyone out there who has cancer and is going through cancer treatment. I am wishing you the best in your recovery!


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Got a Sore Foot? This page is dedicated to people with Broken Feet, Broken Ankles, Broken Legs, and Injured Knees... try PEMF!

Please note the picture to the left is a before and after shot of a person's knee after they had a PEMF therapy treatment. This picture is from this page. Look at the difference in this person's bone density and cartilage repair... unbelievable!

The year I was 35, I twisted my ankle, BAD. THREE TIMES. I have no idea how I did this 3 times in the course of 1 year, but I did. And the pain was awful (I have since learned that I actually, really do need to watch my step!!). Luckily I was able to recover, in part thanks to a tonic my Chinese-herb-savvy friend Jeannie gave me. But because of my own experiences, I have a lot of empathy for anyone who goes through any kind of leg injury that impairs their ability to walk!

In the last few years I have had friends, family members, and co-workers who have suffered with terrible pain after breaking a foot, spraining an ankle, injuring a knee, or tearing an ACL. I want to share these videos with you! Sorry I don't have the time right now to make this a fancy blog... so I am going to let these videos speak for themselves.

This is a great testimonial from a woman named Helen who has a powerful testimonial on YouTube. I will be adding more soon

You can read her full testimonial here:

And here is her video below. Thank you to Helen S. for taking the time to make this video!

PEMF and Eye Problems - Macular Degeneration, Cataracts and more

Here are some videos in which people talk about how PEMF helps people with their eyesight. Decide for yourself. My eyesight is not great so i am looking forward to seeing how it helps me with my own eyesight!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

PEMF Therapy for Dogs and Cats - Look at these Amazing Regeneration and Healing Stories!

If you have a dog that is sick or has arthritis, PLEASE get in touch with me. I really want you to let your pets try Kangen water! And PEMF too. If you live in the bay area, I can let you try both for FREE.

If you are like me, you love animals as much as any other member of your family and would do just about anything to keep them happy and healthy.

Recently, a dog I really, really loved, named Parker, was put to sleep after his surgeries for hip dysplasia got too expensive (I believe it was over $15,000 in the long haul) and he developed blood clots and complications from his surgery. The whole situation was just too emotional and difficult for his owner to deal with, and he was put to sleep the morning after this photo (to the left) was taken. My heart still aches when I look at this photo (I didn't know the veterinarian at "Sage Wellness" was going to talk his guardian into putting him to sleep... in this picture I was telling him bye "for now."). I understand his guardian was frustrated but... I just wish we had both known about PEMF, and Kangen water, before he had the surgery.

I used to dogsit for Parker and loved him so much, I cried for days after he was put to sleep. There is no way to bring him back, but in his memory I want to tell as many dog owners about PEMF as I possibly can. PEMF therapy and alkaline water were not offered at Sage Wellness where he had his surgeries and it's really a shame, because there are many vets and pet owners who say IT WORKS! Myself included!

In December of 2014 I learned about Kangen water which seems to be incredible for helping pets with arthritis and all kinds of ailments... I will be uploading a video about how it has helped my cats... they're all about 12 years old, but they are prancing around the house like 2 year old kittens!

Please watch the videos below. It's really incredible, what this water does, and it is so inexpensive to make, I love to share it with animals!!!

You can also see some incredible healing stories about Kangen water and "restructured" water by CLICKING HERE. I never really understood the benefits of alkaline water until now. Kangen water isn't ordinary alkaline water... Kangen machines are sold as medical grade devices which restructure the molecules in the water so you can absorb the water better and bring more oxygen into the bloodstream... the results are pretty amazing. A little over a year ago my husband was on 6 medications. Today he's not on a single one and he is very thankful to have found Kangen water. It works for humans as well as pets!

This is the very best testimonial I've seen for how this water helps pets. It gave me goosebumps, maybe because it made me think of Parker. And if you are in the bay area I will let your pets try this water for FREE!!!

Many pet guardians report that their pets tend to prefer Kangen water over regular tap water. When your blood cells (or your pet's blood cells) are oxygenated, this can help heal just about every condition there is. Cancer cannot live in a highly-oxygenated environment! 


Here are some videos about PEMF that could help your dog one day. Please watch the videos on this page (scroll down) - they are unbelievable (and what is more unbelievable is that not ALL VETS are using PEMF in their practice). I have several resources below for machines that will cost LESS than many vet bills.  There are a few different companies that make affordable machines and mats and devices for pets, as well as humans.
I absolutely love this video below, by Pulsed Harmonix, which shows an American Bulldog named Elwood, who had a limp back leg after a few operations that didn't heal well. But at the end of the video, you can see him bouncing around like a puppy! Please note that if you live in the Bay area, I am getting one of these Professional Grade machines from Pulsed Harmonix, and to help pay for the machine, I am offering to let people use it for just $1 per minute. So, a 20 minute treatment would be $20. The dog in this video below just had 4 treatments!!... that comes out to less than $100, which is a lot less than your average vet bill... and I can't even imagine any other kind of treatment that you could even GET from a vet, being able to make your pet heal as quickly as Elwood did in this video.

The video below shows a Pitbull that was PARALYZED, and began walking again, thanks to PEMF!

When I first learned about PEMF a few months ago, I thought the lowest price for a machine was $3000. I wish I had known about PEMF a year ago. After a lot of research, I found some small, portable machines you can buy that are between $150 and $350. You can get a mat for your dog for  I know it sounds like a lot but PLEASE keep in mind that I would never buy one of these if I didn't think it would actually SAVE me a lot of money in the long term (just ask anyone who knows me... I am like, THE biggest tightwad with money). I truly believe that if Buddy's guardian had been able to buy a PEMF machine, he could have saved over $15,000 in vet bills.... and Buddy would still be alive today.

You can get PEMF "pet mats" for cats and dogs for around $400- $700. I know that sounds like a lot of money but please consider the cost of what is TRULY EXPENSIVE: VET BILLS!!! Ask yourself an honest, realistic question: how much are you going to spend on your pet by trying to keep them alive, when they get really sick and need emergency treatment? My guess is, if you are someone who loves your cat or dog as if it was your kid (like I do), you will spend THOUSANDS. Vet bills are OUTRAGEOUS. The last time I took one of my cats to the vet, the bill was $500 and it was for a misdiagnosis and all they did was bloodwork... they didn't heal a THING!!! (and sadly, in many cases, vets perform surgeries that can actually make your animal's condition worse). The amount of money I spent on that one vet visit, which didn't do a thing for my cat, could have paid for a whole mat.

The video below is truly unbelievable. It is a great testimonial for the Earth Pulse Machine which you can get on You can CLICK HERE  to go to the Amazon page and read other reviews.

In the video below, this dog, "Gizmo" is SO unbelievably energetic and spry for her age (16)... I am definitely getting one of these for my cats (it's convenient because you can just put it under the bed where they sleep). The cost for these machines is typically about $600 but Amazon seems to have the best pricing. There are 2 sellers on Amazon selling the machines for just $499, which is WAY cheaper than years worth of vet bills, medications, etc.!!!

Look at the video and decide for yourself....

This is Gizmo at age 12....  and the next video shows her at age 16 and I can't see any difference!

This is Gizmo at 16... and by the way if you watch this video to the end, you will see how incredibly buff Gizmo's owner is, at age 50.... So you may want to consider getting one of these machines for yourself!!! (though I'm sure he works out, his skin texture does look pretty darn good for someone who's 50).

You can also get PEMF mats that are made specifically for dogs and cats, in two places I found online:

From Bio Life... click HERE  You can see testimonials (from HUMANS using BioLife products HERE)

And from Respond Systems... click HERE.

And if you can afford it, you can also get a very high quality mat for yourself, that you can share with your pets. You can see one doctor's testimonials about the iMRS mat for pets, by clicking HERE. Please note, if you are interested in purchasing an iMRS machine, contact me by clicking I can get help you get a discount.

You can also purchase a very inexpensive PEMF unit, called the Bio Medici. This was my very first PEMF machine. I bought it  from this place in Canada. The thing that sold me was, this unit is under 200 dollars and they have a really good testimonial from someone who uses it on his german shepherd and basically said it helped to prolong  his life and keep him young.  On the downside, since I ordered it from Canada, it took almost 2 weeks to arrive!

But I found another place called ELIXA, that is based in New Mexico, so it only took a few days when I ordered another unit to replace mine when I lent mine to a friend.  Elixa calls their units the "Magnetan" but they are the exact same thing, they are all made in Canada but labeled differently. I would definitely recommend getting them from ELIXA because if you live in the U.S., they will arrive WAY FASTER! And their customer service is excellent.  They also have a really good website that features a lot of information about the Magnetan, including a Frequency list and a list of different settings to use for different ailments.

If you can't afford to get the Earth Pulse for your pet, I would recommend starting out with the Magnetan, and set the frequency at 10hz (press switch 3 and 6), and let your pet wear it for 10 hours at a time (I strap it to my cat Bert's back by tying it around him like a belt). There was one occasion where it came off him and he was a little freaked out because it was dragging on the ground, so I am glad I was around to fix it. For this reason, I think it's best to put it on your cat in the evening, maybe around 9 PM, and then take it off when you get up to go to work (for me that's 7am) so your cat gets 10 hours exposure and you are at home to fix it if for some reason it gets loose.

I've also thought of getting a Large Cat Thundershirt (the one we have at home is too small for him) and tucking the box into the velcro part so it wouldn't come loose, but haven't tried that yet. If you are interested in getting a Thundershirt for your dog or cat, they have them on Amazon in several sizes:

CATS: SMALL (under 9 lbs),   MEDIUM (9-13 lbs), and LARGE (cats over 13 lbs)

DOGS:  X-SMALL (under 15 lbs),   SMALL(15-25 lbs),    MEDIUM (25-50 lbs),
  LARGE (41-64 lbs),  X-LARGE (65-90 lbs)   XX-LARGE (over 90 lbs)

 The Magnetan has helped Bert with some breathing issues he's had for a while. For under $200, I would recommend this machine to anyone! I am definitely planning on getting an Earth Pulse Machine, for all my cats to sleep on, after seeing the review about the dog who used it, but I think this is a really good machine to start with... who knows, maybe that's all your cat or dog will need.

I didn't know you could buy machines that helped dogs, for under $2000, but I wish I had known at the time!!! But even if I did... we couldn't wait 11 days for a unit to come. So please get yours NOW!

The testimonial below can be found on THIS PAGE.

"Since weeks I wanted to write to you, but I was not quite sure if I experienced an isolated incident only or if there are really more profound reasons behind the Bio Medici magnetic therapy. Nevertheless, I am by now convinced that the Bio Medici has, so to speak, performed a miracle.
The unbelievable started only few days after I received the instrument. As I am a pensioner since one year, it is my habit to take a catnap on the sofa after dinner. With the magnetic therapy device placed on my chest I enjoying its beneficial and comforting effect. Lately however, I noticed that my dog Wolfi became quite insistent in trying to lie in my lap while I was relaxing on the sofa. This is quite impossible as Wolfi is a huge German shepherd and has never been a lap dog. Furthermore, it is quite unbecoming in a well-trained animal. Unfortunately, Wolfi is already 15 years old, not yet sick, but plagued by the usual discomforts of old age, such as pain in the joints. Wolfi used to be very lively, he demanded long walks, was continuously hungry and ready to play any time and has been, above all, very attentive and watchful. Unfortunately, this has long past. Measured by a human life span, Wolfi had reached senility. But all this has happened before the treatment with the magnetic therapy device.

To make a long story short, I fell asleep on the sofa. The mangetic therapy device always provides me with deep and restorative sleep. When I woke up, Wolfi was next to me, blinking sheepishly and licking my face. He then jumped off the sofa (normally he would have painfully climbed down) before I could rise, wagged his tail and asked me in his particular dog fashion, to go for a walk, just like in old times. I was so surprised that I at first did not notice that the instrument for the past two hours must have been resting not on me, but under Wolfi!
There after, Wolfi gave me the impression of almost being youthful. Over the next few days I observed him while pretending to sleep. He waited a while, watching me in turn. Slowly, so I would not notice, he climbed onto the sofa, to take a nap with me. I noticed that after a little while he very carefully pushed the magnetic therapy device with his snout from my chest. As I was lying on my back, the device had fallen between us, exposing us to its healing 
powers. So this was the solution of the riddle! Wolfi's instinct had told him of the healing properties of the magnetic therapy. He must have perceived that it was good for him. From then on, we shared the instrument.
At night, I place the magnetic therapy device in his sleeping quarter. Ever since Wolfi sleeps deeply. His relaxed snoring is very evident and he does not need to go out any more during the night due to improved bladder control. Again he is lively, enjoys an improved appetite and is quite happy. He seems rejuvenated and we take long walks. Both of us are healthy, active and "happy."
I am convinced that Wolfi will be with me yet for a long time, thanks to the magnetic therapy device. Therefore, I would like to order an additional Bio-Medici, so I also can enjoy its benefit during the night."

E. Hoffmann


"Hello Polar Bears in Canada
It's now time to write to you. Our dog Bob is the one who has ended up needing the magnetic therapy device the most. We are very successful with the treatment of his starting with Arthrosis as well as with his Prostate problems. The prognosis of our physician was devastating three years ago. In May, we celebrate his 18th birthday. This will be a big event. Bob also fell at night with the Bio Medici in our pool, since that time we call it the Submarine Bio Medici. We opened the device immediately and dried it with a hair dryer and luckily, (you don't want people thinking it is waterproof) it works well again.

If the vets would know about the advantages of the Bio Medici, they would have sleepless nights. Especially the dog owners could save a lot of money, since the vets ask unbelievable fees. The vets here are not really specialized for small animals; therefore the dog owners have to help themselves.
We highly praise the Bio Medici, because without it our Bob would not be around anymore."
Theodor, Costa Rica

You can read more about the unit by clicking HERE.

You can get a machine from the manufacturer by clicking HERE.

And here is a video by Pulsed Harmonics, about Pets and PEMF:

Please help spread the word to your pet loving friends, and your Vets, about PEMF! It could really make a difference in the life of an animal.


Laura (Ualani)

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Look at what PEMF can do for Horses... imagine what it could do for you!

Dr. Garry Gordon is a pioneer in PEMF, and tells the story of how he was told his horse should be put down. He refused, and tried PEMF on her, and she came back strong. There is another remarkable story of how a horse named "Lava Man" was treated with PEMF (see the video below).

From this page:

INGLEWOOD, Calif. – Lava Man has already secured a place in racing history. Not many $50,000 claimers go on to win multiple Grade 1 stakes and over $ 5.5 million dollars in winnings. Lava Man was purchased in a Claimer Race for $50,000. Lava Man was then treated with the PEMF-100AT, because of an abscess in his left front foot, which then healed in 4 days with the use of this device. Lava Man came back from his foot injury in 2006 and blossomed into a superstar. Lava Man has won 7 Grade 1 races ranking him as the all-time leader among California-breds. Lava Man is the all-time leading earner among claimers and is arguably the greatest claim in racing history

If Lava Man's guardians are entrusting their $5 million horse to PEMF... you know there's got to be something to it!

In this video (below) you can see what a strong horse Lava Man is!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Most Inspirational PEMF Videos - Success Stories!

Big thanks to Dr. Oz for doing an entire show on PEMF... he is really helping to spread the word about it. I wasn't able to watch it live the day it aired, but luckily for YouTube, I was eventually able to see it. This video features Dr. Pawluk, a leading expert on PEMF.


This is a great patient testimonial from a guy who says PEMF treatment saved his life. He was in extreme pain and discomfort so his mother asked him to try it. He was very skeptical of PEMF, but he eventually decided to do it. He had been in a motorcycle accident at 80mph and hit so hard his helmet "blew up." He walked with a cane for 3 years, had memory issues, depression. With PEMF treatment, he says 90% of that is GONE now.

This video below shows how PEMF helps with Micro-Circulation, and this is a big reason why it heals so many different things in the body.


Wednesday, July 2, 2014

PEMF as a Beauty Regimen - Can it help get rid of Wrinkles? You be the judge!

Many people pay beauty salons hundreds, and even thousands, of dollars, to get "microcurrent" treatment. But what exactly is Microcurrent? It's PEMF!  That's right. Microcurrent is a PULSED ELECTRIC FREQUENCY... so it makes sense that an added benefit to owning your own PEMF machine, is that may notice an improvement in your skin texture! You can see a definition of microcurrent on this page, but I will copy and paste it here:

How does Microcurrent work?

Tiny pulses of energy pass through the cotton tipped probes into the tissue and muscle and out again to the other cotton tipped probe. The muscle is either stretched or squeezed as the energy passes through. The tiny current stimulates the Golgi mechanism, or brain, of the muscle to remind it what it used to do. As with any muscle work, it takes a number of sessions for the results to build up and stay. As well as affecting the muscle structure, the microcurrent stimulates the collagen production and generally helps with the skin tone.

I have to say, from my own experience, that when I started using my husband's handheld pulser, I noticed a change in my own skin. It actually did look smoother and softer!

The woman in this video below looks great. She gives an awesome video testimonial about how it helped her heal her broken foot AND also shows how she has NO wrinkles... and she attributes it to using the mat. She is selling an iMRS machine. I believe her phone number is on the video if you care to call her. I am can sell you an iMRS machine also but I want to promote other sellers who take the time to make helpful videos and get the word out there about PEMF! Buy it from Helen or buy it from me - I don't care who you get it from...  just TRY IT!

This woman says that it helped her hair to grow back to a dark color!

Suzanne Somers also knows the power of PEMF. I don't know if she touts it as a beauty regimen, but you gotta admit she looks pretty damn good for age 67!!!

This woman was bitten by her dog and tells an amazing story of how it helped her face to heal! So this is not necessarily about a "beauty treatment" but I would think it would help anyone who does any kind of facial treatments, including microdermabrasion, laser resurfacing, etc..

Also, many people use PEMF mats in their spas and beauty salons. This clinic (see video below) uses a PEMF mat and also Kangen water, which really helps oxygenate the body's cells! And... did you know that cancer cells cannot live in an oxygen-rich environment? Feel free to do your research online, there are many studies that show this!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Welcome to PEMF Advantage!

Hello, my name is Laura Teale and I want to let you know about PEMF. It is an amazing therapy and I am on a mission to let people know about it, because most people have never even heard of it before! With one third of all Americans suffering from chronic pain, I definitely think this is something people should know about!

PEMF has been around for decades, and yet for some reason most people in America have never heard of it. PEMF is widely used in Europe, and it is considered extremely effective to heal pain, inflammation, and dozens of other ailments, so it is a shame that most people have no idea what it is. I, myself, only found out about PEMF a few months ago.

PEMF has been featured on Dr. Oz, and he encouraged everyone on his show to let their doctors know about it, because it really does work. It heals the body on a cellular level. There are over 2,000 medical studies that have shown the benefits of PEMF therapy, but for some reason, hardly anyone talks about it. You can see some of those studies by clicking HERE.

Here is the Dr. Oz / PEMF episode, in case you missed it. HUGE thanks to Dr. Oz for bringing PEMF to light!