Wednesday, July 2, 2014

PEMF as a Beauty Regimen - Can it help get rid of Wrinkles? You be the judge!

Many people pay beauty salons hundreds, and even thousands, of dollars, to get "microcurrent" treatment. But what exactly is Microcurrent? It's PEMF!  That's right. Microcurrent is a PULSED ELECTRIC FREQUENCY... so it makes sense that an added benefit to owning your own PEMF machine, is that may notice an improvement in your skin texture! You can see a definition of microcurrent on this page, but I will copy and paste it here:

How does Microcurrent work?

Tiny pulses of energy pass through the cotton tipped probes into the tissue and muscle and out again to the other cotton tipped probe. The muscle is either stretched or squeezed as the energy passes through. The tiny current stimulates the Golgi mechanism, or brain, of the muscle to remind it what it used to do. As with any muscle work, it takes a number of sessions for the results to build up and stay. As well as affecting the muscle structure, the microcurrent stimulates the collagen production and generally helps with the skin tone.

I have to say, from my own experience, that when I started using my husband's handheld pulser, I noticed a change in my own skin. It actually did look smoother and softer!

The woman in this video below looks great. She gives an awesome video testimonial about how it helped her heal her broken foot AND also shows how she has NO wrinkles... and she attributes it to using the mat. She is selling an iMRS machine. I believe her phone number is on the video if you care to call her. I am can sell you an iMRS machine also but I want to promote other sellers who take the time to make helpful videos and get the word out there about PEMF! Buy it from Helen or buy it from me - I don't care who you get it from...  just TRY IT!

This woman says that it helped her hair to grow back to a dark color!

Suzanne Somers also knows the power of PEMF. I don't know if she touts it as a beauty regimen, but you gotta admit she looks pretty damn good for age 67!!!

This woman was bitten by her dog and tells an amazing story of how it helped her face to heal! So this is not necessarily about a "beauty treatment" but I would think it would help anyone who does any kind of facial treatments, including microdermabrasion, laser resurfacing, etc..

Also, many people use PEMF mats in their spas and beauty salons. This clinic (see video below) uses a PEMF mat and also Kangen water, which really helps oxygenate the body's cells! And... did you know that cancer cells cannot live in an oxygen-rich environment? Feel free to do your research online, there are many studies that show this!

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