Sunday, December 28, 2014

Amazing! How and Why Kangen / Structured Water can be so good for you (and your pets!)

I know this post is not about PEMF but I had to write about this, for anyone who has never heard of Kangen water, which originated in Japan. On Christmas day, I was glued to the couch most of the day, watching new PEMF videos and also looking up cures for cancer (I have a family member who just went through Chemotherapy). Suddenly I stumbled upon this video below. I consider this to have been the BEST Christmas present EVER ... I can't wait to tell people about this!!!

(Update: I have become a distributor for Kangen Water and Bemer, since creating this post a few years ago. You can learn more about Kangen water at my website:,, and If you have any questions you can call me direct at 650-735-1599.)

The testimonials I've seen are incredible and I think it's a shame most Americans have never heard of this (but sadly it doesn't surprise me... no doctor is likely to ever tell you "drink Kangen water"!). I am just now learning how much over-acidity tends to cause disease, and an alkaline body tends to be healthy and disease free (please see the Dr. Oz video on this page).

The great thing about Kangen water is, it helps balance the pH in your body and dramatically increase your alkalinity, while super-oxygenating your cells and your blood (one glass of kangen water has 6-8 times more antioxidants than green tea). When I look at photos and videos of peoples' blood before and after PEMF, the results are amazing, and I just discovered you can achieve the same kinds of results with Kangen water! You can see this in the video below. The first video shows blood before and after a woman drinks Kangen water. The second video shows blood before and after PEMF. The results are strikingly similar. It's no wonder Tony Robbins uses both PEMF and a Kangen machine!

Dr Otto Warburg discovered in 1931 and won the Nobel Prize for the fact that he proved that no disease including cancer can survive in an alkaline environment. The body's pH should be between 7.2 and 7.4, but unfortunately most Americans' bodies are overly acidic, largely because of all the processed junk food we eat (see the third video below with Dr. Oz) and the toxins and electrosmog we are exposed to. When it comes to longevity, Americans rank number THIRTY FIVE in the world! While Japan (developers of Kangen technology) is ranked at number 1.

If you are interested in buying a Kangen machine, or if you are in the bay area and want to try the water for free, you can call me at 650-735-1599.

In this video below, you can see how a cat that tried the water was able to start walking more normally after drinking water from Tlacote, Mexico. The reason this water is so unique is because it's rich in antioxidants and also it's highly alkaline... and Kangen water has both of these properties!

 Some spas even serve Kangen water as a health and beauty treatment!

If you look online, you will see an incredible number of testimonials by people who have used Kangen water, and say it has turned their lives around. I am posting some of the video testimonials below. I can't help thinking it's got to be more than coincidence that these machines are owned by 4 celebrities who have the most amazing complexions in Hollywood: Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Demi Moore, and Angelina Jolie (I literally stare at their skin when I see them on screen, thinking, WHAT are they DOING??). Makes me want to get a Kangen machine too! : D

Kangen Water machines are also owned by Donald Trump, Tony Robbins, Bill Gates (owns over a dozen machines), Madonna, Oprah, Martha Stewart, Tiger Woods, Maria Sharapova, Lou Ferrigno, Suzanne Somers, The Obamas, Brad Pitt, Janet Jackson, Jay Z, Magic Johnson (owns 8 machines), Sylvester Stallone, John Mayer, Angela Bassett, Jack Nicholson, Steven Seagal, Neil Patrick Harris, Antonio Banderas, George Lopez, Sammy Hager, Roger Daltrey and Pete Townsend, Carlos Santana, Ashton Kutcher, Steven Tyler (owns 4 machines), Ron Perlman, Ryan Seacrest, Leonardo DiCaprio, Pat Boone, Dr. Corinne Allen (brain specialist), Dr. Hiromi Shinya, Dr. Horst Filtzer, Cynthia Briganti, Jimmy Carter, Michael Robinson, Chuck Norris, Erin Brokovich, Chris Daughtry, Rohan Marley, Elton John, Jillian Michaels, UFC FIGHTER Joe "Daddy"Stevenson, Chris Angel, John Geraghty (tennis player), Cindie Blackman, Bodybuilders Dan Hill & Wade Lightheart, NY Yankees, LA Lakers, 109 y/o Bernando La Poll, New ones added by the day....Earth, Wind & Fire, Conan O'Brien, Toby Keith, Phil Michelson, Pro and Olympic Athletes, and many others are now drinking Kangen Water.


Even dogs prefer Kangen water!


This guy Danny gives a great presentation on Kangen water, and you can see how many of the audience members have experienced health benefits!

What makes Kangen water so special

There are many copycat distributors out there that are able to make alkaline water, which is healthier than acidic water, but from what I have heard, the thing that makes Kangen water so EXTRA special (and why they have soo many testimonials) is that it actually restructures and re-organizes the molecules, making it "micro clustered" - which makes it extremely easy for your body to absorb and utilize the water! Kangen uses medical grade platinum (which is $1500.00 an ounce), and they purposely use a transformer instead of SMPS because it's much more stable.  Most companies have switched to SMPS... I'm guessing this must to keep the costs down, because it sure doesn't seem to give the machine better performance. If you talk to 10 electricians and ask them which is more stable and reliable, they will all tell you, a transformer, hands down. Don't believe me? Here's a list. Call and ask for yourself.

Why is stabilization so important? Well, as it was explained to me, the devices that use SMPS technology are not able to ionize the water at a "steady" wattage. Companies brag that they have a machine with a HUGE amount of wattage... but that doesn't matter if it fluctuates. When it fluctuates, it can go as low as 80 watts. And because these other machines aren't getting the full wattage the whole time, the water doesn't get ionized property and it won't be as stable, and therefore it won't hold it's negative charge for nearly as long. 

With other brands that do not have the medical grade titanium, or the transformer and the stabilization, is that the negative ORP (oxidation reduction potential) drops off quickly, while the Kangen water is able to hold the negative ORP for a very long period of time. There is a guy named Delb who is an expert in the water industry and does tons of water testing, and I had the pleasure of listening to a talk he had with a Kangen rep. He was talking about how he did an ORP test on 2 different cups of water, one was Kangen and the other was Jupiter. And he was shocked by how, 3 hours later, the Kangen machine had maintained 90 percent of it's ORP, and the Juipter had LOST 90 percent of it.  So I'm guessing this is a huuge reason why so many people are reporting such amazing health benefits with the Kangen water. 

Imagine the increased healing benefits of having that "anti-oxidation" going on in your body for a whole day. I'm no expert but I'm guessing that if Delb came back to the water after 3 hours and it still had 90 percent of it's ORP, then maybe you retain those antioxidants for a full 24 hours!!!  

If you're planning to get ANY other machine besides a Kangen, ask the rep on the phone if they could do you a favor and test the ORP of their water, at the 1 hour, 3 hour, and 5 hour marks, and see what kind of response you get. Better yet, ask them to film the test, and put it on YouTube. You'll probably hear crickets. 

Once you star researching Kangen water, you will have a TON of ads popping up for other water ionizers that are less expensive, and they will try to make it sound like they are WAY better than a Kangen. Better in price, better in quality.  I know they give a convincing argument because I started to fall for it, and was set to get a Life Ionizer.  But these companies prey on what people don't know about water ionization (and I am just learning about this stuff myself... it took me over a week to find all this info).  Believe me, I am that person who likes to get a good deal. I am that person who will spend 8 hours booking a trip because it will torture me to know I didn't get the best possible deal on a hotel or airfare. I'm that person who will drive 5 miles to use a 2 dollar coupon. But when it comes to your health... it doesn't pay to be cheap!

A Kangen machine costs $1400 to manufacture. But most of the other brands cost around $300. Now... ask yourself, WHY would Kangen knowingly waste $1000 extra dollars making a machine "medical grade" if it wasn't necessary? Japanese people don't look very stupid to me! At some point, wouldn't they realize, hey, we could make WAY more money if we just cut a few corners and used food grade titanium? But they don't, and there's apparently a good reason for it! For anyone who has ever owned a Honda or a Toyota (as I have... for a cumulative total of over 20 years), you will know, Japan does NOT mince on quality. They make things that WORK, that are built to last, because integrity is very important to them, and they feel that making cheap quality stuff would be a DISHONOR.

If you are spending your money on a machine that is half the price of a Kangen, but it doesn't actually deliver results, you might as well throw your money in the trash!

Again, if you have any questions or are interested in buying a Kangen machine, just call me at 650-735-1599.

Have a great day!



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